Main innovation
Their products, what are really giving answer is to the need of cheap water or cheap water infrastructure, which is mainly the same
Demand covered or opportunity created
What they try to do is a very competitive pipe with the highest quality to able to be sold at the price that is really affordable for everyone. This brings to our society much cheaper infrastructure or more water nets, or what is the same, we will be able to bring more water to many places where this water is today a dream
Innovation process
The innovation process was the real challenge for Molecor at the beginning. Because we had very limited resources. We had only one shot. We had only one opportunity to success or to fail. And it was really really very stressing moments. We spent all our money in that prototype but I have to say that we also were supported...
Their investments are huge, because our company is based on expensive machinery, expensive capex. So I would say that along the years we have invested a lot of money in our assets but also they have invested a lot of money in innovation and research. This is something they do continuously because this is what makes our company sustainable. Today they have three factories. One factory is in Spain, another factory is in Paraguay, and another one is in South Africa. And their intention is to spread and to be a multinational company very soon. But anyway this have to be done with capex, of course.
The real result of innovation is that Molecor is today a really attractive company. The market is waiting every year for what Molecor is bringing new.
The future now for Molecor is to continue growing and spreading our business all around the world.



Molecor is a company that was established in 2006. And the base of Molecor was to develop a technology for producing PVC-O pipes. PVC-O pipes are used in infrastructures for bringing water under pressure with many applications. (…) PVC-O already existed when we came, but it was a really expensive product. What we did in Molecor was to develop a technology that was able to produce these really good pipes at really good price. That was the aim of the company and we succeeded with that.  

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