Main innovation
The digital service platform, the Comexi cloud, it’s a broad of tools to help the customers in order to improve the productivity and to take the full advantage of the capabilities of the machines. And in this moment they are offering to the customers with these tools what the things are happen, what the problems are happen, to arise these problems. Also they are offering what are the root cause that is creating these problems or these failures. And in the near future what they will do is to offer how to solve or how to minimize these problems in order to improve his business.
Demand covered or opportunity created
They detect this opportunity observing customers and seeing that they waste a lot of time controlling the production, controlling the machines, controlling the process of his company. For example, they saw a lot of papers, different reportings, not unique information point. So they realized that a tool that is automatically getting the information from the machines would be very useful for the customers in order to reduce the bureaucracy, or the internal bureaucracy, and then to link to their internal operating systems.
Innovation process
They are innovators but it’s true that innovators has pushing a lot to develop this kind of technologies. And let me say that since two years they are in a race. But obviously they were the first one in their sector, and they never will be as genuine as the Comexi cloud.
They had an idea but at that time they didn’t know how to implement it. So they decided to invest in start-ups. So at the end Comexi were pioneers in the open innovation world. They learn a lot but finally they decide to integrate this knowledge in-house.
All customers like the Comexi cloud. All customers like the different applications. So in the end today they have 4-5 different applications. They have the production analytics which is the applications responding to the production analytics. Also they have the job costing which is giving the customers the cost per square meter printed or manipulated or processed including the energy and the consumables.
The customers have Comexi ordering online, that is a great and very innovative for the machine sector that is the spare purse ordering online, so the customer by a digital twin can easily navigate for the cut or the schemes and identify the spear part that wants to buy, put in the basket and order very easily, like any e-commerce system. And then we have also another application, that is the technical docs, which is the repository of all the information of the machine. Is coming soon a new one, more related to the maintenance, preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance.



COMEXI is a family company with more than 70 years history. They are offering to the market products and service, and in terms of products they are covering the full process of the converting industry that is printing, laminating and slitting. And their main market is the flexible packaging, so it is the industry that is between the brand owners and the raw materials. It is an industry who transform all these raw materials to the bagging for the brand owners.

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