Main innovation
Series 3000: a combination of solutions that improves the production of PET bottles by increasing the speed and reducing the cost per bottle on the production.
Demand covered or opportunity created
SIDE is very close to its clients and continuously practice active listening in order to go a step forward and offer solutions for tomorrow's problems.

This is how they detected that their clients needed to increase their productivity.
Innovation process
The innovation process was also innovative for SIDE because, for the first time, a project required the involvement of the whole company.
The company invested nearly three years and 1 million euros to carry out the project, and all the company took part in its development.
The result of their innovation process was the design and manufacture of Series 3000: four different machines than can achieve more than 18,000 bottles per hour.

SIDE is the only company in the market supplying this kind of machines with the linear philosophy of PET blow molding equipment.

The new Series 3000 has been very successful, and the company is receiving new opportunities of business and joining new projects day by day.
SIDE has a philosophy of non-stop innovation. They are currently working in new devices and new equipment for water bottling and oil filler companies.



SIDE manufactures custom-made plastic container blowers, based on quality and maximum efficiency in the manufacture of packaging using PET preforms.

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