Main innovation
Energy savings Is based on what we call centralized vacuum ring, that allows to reduce 40% our power consumption.
Demand covered or opportunity created
The multiway valve is an old system that was detected to improve the simplicity of our systems, and this has been more long development together with one of the global leaders of pneumatic leaders.
Innovation process
The innovation process for the multiway was internal, already in 2000, and has been really evaluating since. The BDL, this has been together with Festo, one of the global leaders in pneumatic, that started in 2015 and last for 2 years until we reached the right product and we started selling. The centralized vacuum system has been done with one of our best clients, that has forced us to improve this concept, or this system.
They have 2-3 engineers involved in this type innovation that have been deeply working with our suppliers.
For the multiway together with the BDL are the traceability, the less waste of material, also less cost of the erection and increase of productivity. Regarding the vacuum centralized ring are a significant save of energy also an increase of the capacity of the transfer and a more uniform waste of the pumps.
Alimatic is facing the future on the connectivity of his systems, that means industry 4.0. And also on the plastic recycling, that means getting closer and closer to the circular economy.



ALIMATIC is a family company based in Barcelona. And what we produce is vacuum conveying systems for all the plastic transformers. That was started in 1987, so roughly 32 years old, or 33 years old now. We are based on our Spanish market plus France, Portugal, and then we have a small base in Brazil and in Mexico right now. 

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